July 21, 2024
IndiGo Flight emergency landing in Dhaka

IndiGo Flight emergency landing in Dhaka

IndiGo Flight Emergency Landing: IndiGo Flight to Guwahati Makes Detour to Dhaka Due to Fog

IndiGo Flight emergency landing in Dhaka
IndiGo Flight emergency landing in Dhaka

IndiGo flight 6E 5319 from Mumbai to Guwahati, scheduled for a smooth landing on Saturday, became caught in a whirlwind of unexpected changes when it was forced to make an emergency landing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dense fog blanketing Guwahati airport prompted the pilots to prioritize passenger safety and divert the flight. While the landing itself was successful, the subsequent delay and unexpected destination sparked confusion and frustration among passengers.

The plane touched down in Dhaka at 4 am, leaving roughly 178 passengers stranded for over six hours. With news spreading quickly, social media platforms echoed with passenger concerns and questions. Many expressed frustration at the lack of clarity regarding the situation and the unexpected change in travel plans.


IndiGo, in response, issued a statement acknowledging the diversion and attributing it to “operational reasons” linked to the challenging weather conditions in Guwahati. The airline assured passengers that their safety was the top priority and provided refreshments while a new crew was arranged to complete the journey to Guwahati.

Finally, at around 10:25 am, the flight departed Dhaka and arrived in Guwahati at 11:06 am, a total of 12 hours after its initial takeoff from Mumbai. While the delayed arrival caused inconvenience, the safe landing provided relief to the passengers who had endured an anxious morning.

The incident highlights the importance of prioritizing passenger safety in aviation, even if it means disrupting travel plans. While some passengers expressed frustration with the lack of prior information and the extended delay, the safe landing ultimately overshadowed these concerns.

Moving forward, it’s crucial for airlines to maintain clear communication with passengers during such situations. Timely updates on the situation, along with explanations for the decisions made, can go a long way in smoothing over anxiety and frustration. Additionally, ensuring efficient arrangements for alternate crew and potential changes in travel plans can minimize disruptions and inconveniences for passengers.

The IndiGo flight’s diversion to Dhaka served as a reminder of the dynamic nature of air travel and the unexpected situations that can arise. While disruptions are inevitable, clear communication and prioritizing passenger safety remain paramount in navigating such challenges. IndiGo Flight to Guwahati Makes Detour to Dhaka Due to Fog, Causing Passenger Confusion and Delays.


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