July 18, 2024
ICC ODI World Cup 2023 schedule with venue

ICC ODI World Cup 2023 schedule: Everything you need to know


ICC ODI World Cup 2023 schedule with venue

The ICC ODI World Cup 2023 is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. The tournament will be held in India from October 5 to November 19, 2023. Ten teams will compete in the tournament, which will be played in 48 matches across 10 venues.

The following is the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 schedule:

Group Stage:

Group A:

October 5: India vs South Africa (Ahmedabad)
October 6: Pakistan vs Netherlands (Hyderabad)
October 7: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Dharamsala)
October 8: South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Delhi)
October 9: India vs Australia (Chennai)
October 10: Pakistan vs West Indies (Ahmedabad)
October 11: Bangladesh vs Netherlands (Dharamsala)
October 12: South Africa vs Pakistan (Delhi)
October 13: India vs England (Chennai)
October 14: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Kolkata)
October 15: Sri Lanka vs Netherlands (Hyderabad)
October 16: South Africa vs England (Delhi)
October 17: India vs West Indies (Mumbai)
October 18: Pakistan vs Bangladesh (Kolkata)
October 19: Sri Lanka vs Australia (Hyderabad)
October 20: India vs Netherlands (Dharamsala)
October 21: South Africa vs Afghanistan (Delhi)
October 22: England vs Pakistan (Kolkata)
October 23: Australia vs Bangladesh (Chennai)
October 24: Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Mumbai)

Group B:

October 6: England vs New Zealand (Chennai)
October 7: Australia vs West Indies (Hyderabad)
October 8: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka (Kolkata)
October 9: West Indies vs Ireland (Ahmedabad)
October 10: England vs Australia (Mumbai)
October 11: New Zealand vs Afghanistan (Kolkata)
October 12: West Indies vs Scotland (Ahmedabad)
October 13: England vs Afghanistan (London)
October 14: New Zealand vs Ireland (Dharamsala)
October 15: Australia vs Scotland (Hyderabad)
October 16: England vs Sri Lanka (London)
October 17: New Zealand vs West Indies (Mumbai)
October 18: Australia vs Afghanistan (Hyderabad)
October 19: England vs Ireland (London)
October 20: New Zealand vs Scotland (Dharamsala)
October 21: Australia vs Sri Lanka (Chennai)
October 22: West Indies vs England (London)
October 23: New Zealand vs Australia (Dharamsala)
October 24: Scotland vs Ireland (Ahmedabad)

Knockout Stage:


November 15: Semi-final 1 (Mumbai)
November 16: Semi-final 2 (Kolkata)


November 19: Final (Ahmedabad)

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